Friday, 14 October 2016

Get Your Free Knitting Abbreviations Style Sheet

A huge part of writing out a beautiful knitting pattern is consistency. 
Consistency, you may ask? 
Consistency.  Your knitter wants to enjoy the knitting experience.  They bought your pattern and just wanna knit.  If you are not consistent in your writing, it will distract the knitter.  Not a good thing!

Round 1:  Knit two, p6, ktbl, purl6, k2.
Rnd Two; purl to the end.

Oh my.  That's pretty extreme, but you get the idea. 

This is where my new free knitting abbreviations style sheet can help.  Simply sign up for my monthly newsletter and get your abbreviations style sheet PDF right away.  (A link will also be delivered to your email.)  Once you have your free style sheet, simply go through each row in the table and circle the abbreviation you prefer. 

Let me show you:

In the screen shot above, I chose the form of "in" to use every time I reference to inches in my pattern.  Now, as I write, that will be consistent.  I'd even put that in my "Abbreviations Key" in my pattern, so that there is no confusion between my pattern and my knitter.  Bliss!

Why am I giving this abbreviations style sheet away for free?

It's simple.  I love helping knitting designers, especially new designers.  Giving away free tips, information and ideas to make writing knitting patterns easier and cost less makes me happy.

I'll also have links in my monthly newsletter to great tutorials I've created or found on the web.  Such as how to use free software to make stunning charts, schematics and layouts.  Free is good! 

So get your free abbreviations style sheet right now by signing up for my newsletter, and I'll talk to you soon!

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